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Our Story

Scoop n Roll Creamery® is Canada's first rolled ice cream spot, located in Edmonton, Alberta.

This type of ice cream started in Thailand. Originally, labelled as fried ice cream "Tim Pad","ไอติมผัด" in Thai.

Ice cream rolls are made  right before your eyes with fresh ingredients . The process starts with pouring the liquid ice cream base on the iced pan, mixed with your choice of fresh fruits, nuts, and other premium ingredients.

Scoop n Roll Creamery was established in Summer 2015 in Edmonton, Alberta , Canada. Founded by Nader Rafeh (Andrew), a passionate entrepreneur who wanted to bring something new, unique, and joyful to Edmonton streets, starting with one location.

With the overwhelming support of our loyal customers and our hard working team members; we grew to have 7 locations in Summer 2018.

Scoop n Roll Creamery became a spot full of love, smiles, and an ice cream destination where families, friends and a whole community gathers.


Our Story

Find us at one of our Edmonton and area locations.